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Monday, October 17, 2016

Black Zippers

BLARGH it's Monday. I have the day off so I guess it's not so bad! Today's outfit features one of my favourite things: ZIPPERS. When I was in high school, I used to buy second hand plaid skirts and pants and sew zippers all over them. These days, I am forced to dress like an "adult" most of the time but I am still attracted to things with zippers. The outfit below consists of a top and a skirt; the top gets a lot of wear but I don't often wear the skirt. Due to the placement and curve of the zippers, it is kind of unflattering on the area of the hips and thighs. AH WELL. I wore this to go see a performance at the Fringe Festival earlier this year. I almost never go to things like that as I am not really into theatre but they had a group doing improvised Star Trek called The Red Shirt Diaries so I kind of had to see that. It was hilarious!


Earrings: Le Chateau, Necklace: Made by me, Kat Von D Wonderchilde Studded Kiss Lipstick, Cuff: Le Chateau

Top and Skirt: Zara
Tights: Local corset store
Boots: Guess


Guess Lehana
DANG, I love these boots! They have a heel but they are comfortable AF and I wear them all the time. 

Well, it is October 17th and I have not made my Halloween costume yet. I also need to do my half-assed workout and go grocery shopping.....I shall be making spaghetti squash and zucchini pasta with homemade sundried tomato and basil pesto for supper! There is also a pile of clothing and jewellery that need to be repaired.....I suppose I should quit sitting on my ass drinking coffee with my cats and get some sh*t done!

What are you up to on this fine Monday?

Friday, October 14, 2016

My Favourite Outfit

This outfit was my favourite thing to wear all summer. It is black, it is ventilated, and it is comfortable.  I didn't get a good picture of my skirt; it is a short skirt with a longer laser-cut overlay. The top is a crop top with long panels that hang down......to my great amusement I discovered these are called "car wash flaps." When I wear it I have to repress the urge to twirl maniacally along the side of parked cars......especially my husband's car......he would seriously kill me if I did that!
I think I will carry all of these clothing pieces over for fall outfits.....if I add a blazer, some tights, and some boots I should be good to go!


Cuff: Guess, MAC Berry Black Friday, Necklace and Earrings: Made by me.


Top: Le Chateau
Fishnet Socks: From my mom
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

As I look out the window this morning, all I see is SNOW. We had one of those crappy years where it pretty much went from being boiling hot to SNOW. There haven't been many good cool fall days for outfits......now I am pretty much stuck hiding all my clothes under my winter coat! LAME.
Is it snowing yet where you are?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Garden Tour + Gratuitous Garden Photos

Well, it is pretty much the end of the gardening season. Lots of my plants are still alive as we can have some fairly mild weather around here in October but it is getting colder and colder out each day. There is no more yardwork to be done; it is time to figure out what died/went wrong this year and plan for next year. Earlier this summer, since I am apparently as exciting as an 80-year old, I went on my city's annual garden tour. Basically, they give you a map and you drive around to see the fancy gardens that were selected for the tour. WOW, some people put some MAJOR work into their gardens! It was really neat to see other people's ideas and creativity when it comes to plants. When I am retired, my goal is to have a garden fancy enough for the garden tour!


Earrings and Necklace: DeUno

TOP and SKIRT: Express



(Please pardon the lack of cropping, especially since my husband can't seem to get out of the freakin' way when I am taking plant pictures. My phone would not let me transfer photos to my computer so I could fix them up properly.)

I finally got a gargoyle for my garden (see above). Also, I grew a prickly pear cactus! I was quite excited about this until a few weeks ago when I found it to be DEAD!! It appeared to have rotted due to excess moisture....I was quite ticked off as I even used special draining cactus soil and DID NOT put a drop of water on the thing all summer. My husband determined the cause of death.....apparently my neighbour's downspout drains right down the side of his lawn and pools RIGHT behind my little cactus bed. I did not realize this. DAMN. (Note that this person did not mean to do this, it just happens to be how his yard drains and it was particularly rainy at the end of this summer).

Another gardening fail: I killed almost everything in the purple and silver-themed pot below. That's what you get when you put full shade begonias in the sun. I will have to redesign this container for next year.

We had a vegetable garden this year for the first time. It went pretty well but I will make some changes so things will be more efficient next year. My husband made the raised garden beds out of the pieces of our old fence (some impaired idiot had a car accident and the front end of his vehicle blew through our fence a few years ago). We had kale, lettuce, and swiss chard for salads all summer as well as carrots, radishes, strawberries, chives, basil, green peppers, peas, jalapeno peppers, and habanero peppers. 

We got a lot of tomatoes so I made big batches of salsa to freeze. I also used jalapeno and habanero peppers from the garden for this.

Because we had so many green tomatoes at the end of the season, I decided to pickle them. My grandma used to make them when I was a kid and I LOVED them. I haven't had them for YEARS, we shall see if these turned out. I used fresh dill heads and habaneros from the garden to make these.

We also got a pumpkin to grow! It is being stubborn and will not turn orange but I am going to carve it anyway, what the hell.

Did you do any gardening this year? Have you ever tried pickled green tomatoes?

Monday, October 3, 2016


This year, I have been seeing a lot of hamsa/evil eye jewellery. I started noticing it as my mom said she liked it..........turns out I do to! The pieces that I found below were inexpensive and they go well with many different outfits.


MAC Berry Black Friday, Bracelet and Earrings: Curiology Jewellery, Necklace: Simon's, Rosary Necklace: H&M.

Sunglasses: Guess
Top and Skirt: H & M
Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell
Boots: Guess


On the first outfit picture, it appears that there was a fuzz on the camera lens or something......OR MAYBE IT IS SPIRIT ENERGY. This picture reminded me of back in the day when my sister and I were kids and used to watch TV together after school. One of the shows we watched was called The Unexplained and I remember an episode about ghostly images and weird things showing up in photographs. There were people who truly believed that ghosts and spiritual energies were being captured in their photos when really they just accidentally double exposed their film or the flash reflected off of something in a strange way. I just googled "paranormal photographs" and there are a lot of  people who still think they can photograph ghosts. I personally don't believe in this sort of thing but I remember I was pretty freaked out by the show at the time.

Do you believe that paranormal apparitions can be caught on film?
Are you old enough to have had a film camera and if so did you ever accidentally double expose your film?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Super Soft Birthday

Hello thar! WOOOHOOO it is finally fall!! I need to get these summer outfits out of my folders so I can move on to my favourite clothing season!!

 Here is an outfit I wore to a friend's birthday party. The theme of the party was taken from my new favourite show Letterkenny. Each year, the guys on the show have a "super soft birthday" for their friend featuring cupcakes, sprinkles, party hats, and various pink things. I wanted to wear something kind of frilly or pink to match the theme; however, I don't really own anything frilly or pink so I did my best.  The peplum top has a sort of frill or something and I put some flowers in my hair and wore a heart necklace......that is about as soft as I get.


MAC Lipgelee in Shift to Pink, MAC eyeshadows in Parfait Amour and Beautiful Iris, MAC Mineralize Blush in Sakura, NARS Blush in New Order, random hair flowers, random flower bracelet, Bunny Paige Necklace, Hillberg and Berk earrings.

Top: Suzy Shier
Skirt: Dex
Shoes: Guess

Letterkenny is the funniest show I have seen in a long time. It vaguely reminds me of my other old favourite Trailer Park Boys.

The super soft birthday party
Anyone else out there ever watch Letterkenny or Trailer Park Boys? They are both Canadian shows so I wonder if people from elsewhere have ever seen them.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Silversmithing Class

Earlier this year, I decided to take a silversmithing course that was being offered at a local arts centre. I had been suffering from feelings of stress, inertia, uselessness and lack of motivation so I figured maybe taking a class would help.
The course was taught by an elderly no-nonsense lady. She taught us some basic techniques like filing, sawing, and soldering the silver and then we got to design projects and work on them with her help. Some people in the class did not appreciate her teaching methods; for example, while learning to solder, a student asked her how you know if the soldering worked. The teacher picked up her project, dropped it on the floor, and stated "That's how." as it broke in two. 
Also, the course was mostly self-directed and this did not sit well with some people. You were supposed to design your own projects and then work on them during class. Many people were afraid to try things out, could not think of any designs, and needed a lot of help which didn't work well when there were 15 students and one teacher. Many people designed one piece and spent every class perfecting and fussing over their design. Others incorporated techniques that were beyond their beginner ability and needed a lot of help.
Being that I took this class as a stress reliever, I was kind of surprised at the level of frustration that people expressed. Our first project was a simple ring with no embellishments that allowed us to practice soldering, filing, sawing, and shaping. For some people, it was not going so well and they got very upset! I guess since I am in the vise grip of stress and accuracy at work I like to give myself a break when I do other things and just see how they go and if I f*ck them up, who cares. Since it was just a recreational class to try something out I was a bit miffed at the attitudes of some people.
I decided to just go for it and try making things on my own and seeing how they turned out. Since I was a beginner, I figured I would use the basic techniques that I knew to make some simple, graphic jewellery. I came away with 3 pendants and 2 pairs of earrings. My pieces are not really "classic" in the realm of silversmithing; if you were a true silversmith you would be much more careful about your polishing and the finish of your pieces. I decided that I wanted my pieces to have a bit of an "unfinished" look to them.

The first thing I made was this pair of earrings. It required sawing, filing, and drilling holes. Since I used this piece to learn how to drill holes, they are not quite straight. I was experimenting with polishing and ended up with a somewhat brushed yet unfinished look.

The second piece that I made is a pendant. I had to file and saw the silver into this shape. Sawing in a straight line is definitely a learned skill and I need to work on my technique. For this piece, I decided to use a hammer to try out different textures. On one side, there is a coarse texture and on the other side it is smoother and duller. You can wear it facing either way.

One of the unfortunate things about this class is that silver is expensive. I had some scrap brass that we were given to practice on at the beginning of the course and I decided to saw it, file it, and drill some holes in it to make earrings. I also practiced bending and shaping with pliers. Another technique I used (and failed at) was soldering silver to the brass.....as you can see, I melted the squares of silver when soldering them. I must say that I did truly suck at soldering.

This pendant was quite difficult. When you solder silver, you have to be careful about the order in which you solder things and the weight of the solder that you use. If you use the wrong solder or your torch is too hot you can undo other parts of the piece that you have already soldered together. Since I knew how to make rings, I decided to solder together several circles to make a cluster pendant. Unfortunately, when trying to finish the piece, one of the rings in the middle popped open and the other circle next to it warped a bit. I fixed the piece by soldering the popped circle as it was. That is one thing I liked about silversmithing; you can screw up and still end up with something neat even if it was not your original design.

My final piece was a pendant made out of the remaining scraps that I had left over. Since silver is pricey, I did not want to waste it. I left it with a fire-stained partially polished finish to give it that gritty, handmade look. Also, I learned that when soldering, some of your pieces can move so you have to be careful. The shapes ended up a bit jumbled from where I placed them originally. 

Once you have taken the basic class, you can sign up again for further classes and just use the studio to work on your own stuff. I think I will do this in the coming spring. There are a lot of techniques that I would like to work on such as setting stones and filigree work. I like silversmithing A LOT more than I like sewing! When you screw up a silversmithing piece you can usually salvage it.......this is often not the case with sewing!

Have you ever tried silversmithing or taken any recreational classes lately?

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